Torcanes Blog: How To Get a Pattern Lock On Windows OS

How To Get a Pattern Lock On Windows OS

There is no such people who doesn't aware about the Pattern Lock of Android OS. Pattern lock is very popular on the Android OS as it gives us to setup a many kind of pattern as well as it is very safe. It is hard to find a pattern lock for the computer and for the windows we have to find for some time on the Internet.

I managed to find two pattern lock services from them one is paid and other is free. So I would like to first start with the free service.

1) Eusing Maze Lock

Eusing maze lock is very easy to use and you and schedule it according to your use of computer.  Here you can select your pattern from 3 option 3*3, 4*4 and 5*5. As well as you have also three option to unlock like you can unlock using keyboard or you can use your mouse to unlock as you do on your Android.

This application is free as well as it is free from ads so that it is not annoying. Using this lock you can schedule your PC to when you want to lock in idle condition. This is working on all of the windows OS you can use it on Windows XP/7/8.

You can  download  this app. by clicking here.

2) XUS PC Lock 

XUS PC lock is another great Pattern lock. This is not free but you can use it for in trial version for free. Trail version is available for 15 days trial. This lock includes animation effect when you lock or unlock.
By default your internet connection is on even if you locked you computer and also you can disconnect your internet connection.It supports in the multiple monitors.

If you download both this software you can see that both are same but some of the the features are the only difference. If you don't want to pay than you can use first option. So enjoy some Android look on your WIndows OS.

Download this App. from this here
You can download free trail from Cnet also.

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